About Us

The vision of Optasoft is to support our partners with an optimization tool to increase their competitiveness as well as their profit and cut their costs. Our team members (who have a diverse university and international background) provide thorough work, and we support our partners based on high standards in the field of production, logistics, resource management and route optimization.

Our principle is that we are working hard together with our partners and for each other to find and apply a solution that is easy to implement. We prepare our materials on the way to be easily understood by our partners. We see the pledge of development in our honest, sincere, open professional and human relationships.

In the employees of Optasoft Kft., I got to know a well-prepared team of broad knowledge, who provides a great OPTIMAL solution to our company’s problem with the introduction of AIMMS.

Zoltán Valentinyi

PET Hungária Kft.