Provimi Pet Food Company optimizations case study >> Download

Optasoft develops a scheduler for Graboplast’s PVC floor plant >> Download

TransIT – Professional Vehicle Routing and Dispatching System >> Download

Multicommodity transportation and supply problem with stepwise constant cost function
(Zoltan Lelkes, Endre Rev, Tivadar Farkas, Zsolt Fonyo, Tibor Kovacs and Ian Jones – 2005) >> Download

R-graph-based distillation column superstructure and MINLP model
(Tivadar Farkas, Endre Rev, Barbara Czuczai, Zsolt Fonyo and Zoltan Lelkes – 2005) >> Download

Optimization of hybrid ethanol dehydration systems
(Z. Szitkai, Z. Lelkes, E. Rev, Z. Fonyo – 2001) >> Download

Fairly Linear Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Model for the Synthesis of Mass Exchange Networks
(Z. Szitkai, T. Farkas, Z. Lelkes, E. Rev, Z. Fonyo, and Z. Kravanja – 2006) >> Download

Process flowsheet superstructures: Structural multiplicity and redundancy
(Tivadar Farkas, Endre Rev, Zoltan Lelkes – 2005)
Part I: Basic GDP and MINLP representations >> Download
Part II: Ideal and binarily minimal MINLP representations >> Download