For Managers

Compatible device, extra information

Do you know any information technologists who can’t stand Excel worksheets or other devices which can register all data exactly, however, they aren’t able to enhance decision-making?

Your IT devices surely show what you have, how much you have and where exactly you have them. However, your colleagues would like to know precisely how much you need from certain products to satisfy your clients’ needs – at the lowest costs and without delays.

It’s high time to learn about a solution which will help you and your colleagues’ work. The device we offer can organize processes and enhances ideal decisions; what is more, it is compatible with the given software, so its maintenance and operation won’t cause extra work.

At the same time, plenty of other information that can be useful in your everyday life will be available by using this complex software. Your colleagues will be grateful if you, with the help of our device, hand over the perfect solution to them, simply the key to correct decisions.

I would like to have further information about the system.

Introduction and return of your investment in a short period

If you decide to contact us and if we make an appointment, you’ll receive a suggestion for solution as a result of our developers’ work within a few days. Then, after some harmonization and fine tuning, the development period can start.

Depending on the task, you may apply the new system in your company just three months after the first meeting. This will show the solution that could achieve the best results for your business.

What is more, we take guarantee that your investment will be returned within a year cooperating with our consultants.

I would like a meeting so that the unique system can be started in my company as soon as possible.

The software for ideal decisions

All our developments are based in AIMMS, which using the available information and data outlines all possibilities and shows which solution brings the highest profit for your business.

Daily problems such as

  •         how many goods need to be in stock
  •         who should be served and from where
  •          which sequence the tasks should have
  •         how to reduce the number of missed deadlines
  •         when to do maintenance

won’t cause a headache anymore!

We can help you and your colleagues with decisions.  We offer a solution which, contrary to former ones, takes all important factors into consideration which might have an effect on your company’s efficiency and by doing so we will show the best way to have maximum results.

I would like to see your consultant. Please, contact me.

Optasoft staff have always been ready to answer our calls, and usually suggest several alternative solutions to our issues so that we have been able to relatively easily and quickly solve the problems we faced during development. This creative attitude was that has made our co-operation successful.
Zoltán Tóth

Supply Network Planner, PET Hungária Kft.