For Production Managers

What is your biggest enemy as a production  manager? Deadlines maybe? Then it’s high time you overcome them forever without asking your CEO for further people or machines.

Believe or not, it’s possible.

Perhaps nobody says, but the production manager is the most important link of a company. You know this because you are the one who pulls the wires of often unreliable forecasts, of often changing orders or of products dusting in the storehouse. You are the one who has to solve these problems.

We give you the means by which you will recognize the fastest and the most effective way to keeping deadlines.

You have several alternatives how to cross a river. You can swim across it – of course, only if you are able to. You can build a boat if you have enough material to do so. You can wait until the river freezes over and it is possible to walk across it. Or you can wait until a very hot summer comes and dries out the river. Which is faster? Learning to swim or building a boat? You can guess it just as guessing several other  things during your work.

What is more, you can laugh at the person standing on the riverbank as his options are pretty few compared to yours because a unique software helps you now to find the quickest and most cost-effective way to get to the other side of the river.

AIMMS software takes all important information into consideration then it summarizes them and shows you how to accomplish certain work processes.

A lot of possibilities and only one good decision, which you will learn about with the help of this exclusive AIMMS system. It is essential for everybody who has ever struggled with deadlines.

AIMMS looks at the means, the forecasts and also all the other details, which are necessary to be able to determine all your possibilities. Finally, you get a plan which provides you with the most suitable decisions in order to keep the deadlines.


The greatest advantages of this software are the following:

  •  It minimizes planning time since AIMMS is able to choose from the possible solutions in seconds.
  • The system works with 100% accuracy if you always upload the most recent data.
  • Making a spelling mistake is not a problem as we pre-filter the data. If there is wrong data you will know immediately that this is the reason for not having a solution.
  • AIMMS can be integrated into any other system.


What is AIMMS and what is it in fact capable of? Shortly, a lot. If you want to know more about it, please, retain our services. >>

I did not think at the start that AIMMS would be such a big help in our work! We spend much less time in production planning, and if the data are correct than the results are cert good.
Tamás Szatmári

Graboplast Zrt.