Logistics optimization

As the regional partner of GTS our field of activities has been broadened with a route-optimization device.

TransIT is a successfully applied route-planner. Besides planning functions it contains several web based functions, too. For instance, routes planned by this software can be directly exported to a navigation device or the vehicles’ actual GPS coordinates can be followed in real time on the same user interface.

TransIT’s advantages

  • Planning-quality improves, which results in cost reduction and the costs return in short time.
  • You can accomplish more without having to modify your vehicle fleet.
  • Waiting time reduces.
  • Quick reaction in case of assignment changes.
  • Better transparency due to the documentation of all events and activities.
  • Electronic support of processes.
  • Less dependence on planning experts.
  • Easy handling, numerous settings.
  • Potential expansion.

Typical fields of use:

  • international logistics
  • food transport
  • postal deliveries
  • fuel transport
  • medicine deliveries

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Parts of TransIT and features:

Automated real time route-planning and manual route-direction with the possibility of modifications. Half-automated and/or manual route-planner and route-direction system: including new orders into the route, cancelling orders from the route, modifying the sequence of orders within the route by re-optimizing the route.

Optimization through taking the following into consideration: more storehouses, more types of vehicles, changing optimization periods, operation time of vehicles, categories and features of orders, opening hours of clients, timetable for order deliveries, rules concerning schedule.

Different types of orders: junction-oriented orders with parallel packing in and out on the spots; curve-centered orders with different spots for packing in and out; scheduled orders (dependent and repetitive orders).

Map functions: determining spot coordinates (geocoding), automated or manual time, distance and fare calculations, route planning and detailed route description.

Telematic service:

  • communication between the company, clients and car parks through websites
  • communication with drivers through mobile services
  • activation of navigation systems, eg. TomTom, maptrip
  • determining the vehicle’s GPS-coordinates with automated car following function and arrival time forecast
  • real time comparison of destination-factual place
  • continuous route evaluation
  • digital tachograph

Working with master and variable data: User management with flexible role definitions. Different surfaces (XML, CSV, Excel, SAP) for the import and export of master and variable data. Reports and their results that can be used inside the application and for outside applications (eg. spreadsheets) to complete further planning stages. Checking the consistency of routes and orders.

GTS Systems and Consulting has many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge about route planning, route planning software and optimization. The company has a leading role in developing and installing automated systems using the most recent results of operation research.

Optasoft Ltd is TransIT’s regional partner as distributor and developer.  Our colleagues provide individual adjustments and regular support and consultancy. This way we guarantee efficient use based on your company’s needs.

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If you already know, how you would like to optimize, but you have questions, discuss them with our specialist.

If you already know that you would like to reduce your costs and optimize your business’s operation, but you don’t know where to start. If you want to discuss your plans and know in details how an optimization system can be realized in your company, ask for Start consultation. >>


Who is it for?

We recommend Start consultation to those, who have decided to optimize; however, they want to review aims, steps, costs and possible risks with the help of an expert before starting a serious project. We suggest that the senior decision-maker, the production manager, the head of logistics, the developer and the information technician take part in the consultation.

What will the outcome be?

After the Start consultation you will be able to differentiate between the usage of the most modern mathematical modelling language and the usual developer software. You will understand the role and operation of a modelling and optimization system within a company. You will receive a written analysis of your company’s costs-reducing possibilities, of the steps of introducing an optimization solution, of possible deadlines and costs. You will be allowed to try AIMMS during operation as part of a case study.

What is more, you will get a demo AIMMS licence valid for a few days so that you can test the abilities of this system.

Who keeps it?

You don’t need to start a bigger development project feeling insecurity. You will receive an answer to all your questions from our most experienced colleagues. Only those with an academic degree and a serious project management and consultancy experience can keep a Start consultation. A software developer takes part in the consultation, too, to show on the spot how the optimization software works. In case there are questions or requests about the software, we can show it immediately in practice, too.


The topics are adjusted to the needs and plans of the customer. However, there are certain topics that come up in every consultation:

    1. Software support of ERP systems
    2. Case study similar to the customer’s problem
    3. Looking for logical solutions
    4. Determination and analysis of the optimal solution
    5. Comparison of developed optimization devices
    6. Case study programming in AIMMS
    7. Model development process (business, logic and algebraic models)
    8. Comparison of the logical and optimal solutions, sensitivity analysis, “what if” analyses (supply issues, price changes, the construction of new warehouse)
    9. Discussion of questions and comments

Where does it take place and how much time does it take?
A Start consultation takes place in the office of Optasoft Ltd or if you wish we can go to your site without extra costs. The consultation lasts six hours.

How much is it?
The Start consultation costs 295 000Forints plus VAT

What is the guarantee?
We undertake a guarantee in the Start consultation just as in our other products for project interruption. If you aren’t satisfied with the consultation or the memo about the consultation, you can stop the work.

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Optasoft staff applies up to date mathematical tools and not only understand our problems but even help us better understanding them!

Tibor Kovács

Technical manager, Plzensky Prazdroj