Gondolt már arra, hogy még a legjobban szervezett folyamatok mellett is van tartalék cégében?

“I did not think at the start that AIMMS would be such a big help in our work! We spend much less time in production planning, and if the data are correct than the results are cert good.”
Tamás Szatmári (Graboplast Zrt.)

For Managers

In your business you have to make countless decisions day by day about matters from production through transportation to storage. Interested >

For Production Managers

Are you expected to make the best decisions although you do not have the appropriate means for it?

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For IT persons

Your IT devices surely show what you have, how much you have and where you have them exactly; still, it is very difficult to plan precisely.

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Logistics optimization

TransIT is a successfully applied software. Besides planning functions it contains several webbased fuctions, too. Interested >

Optimization for production companies

How can you reduce your company’s costs and enlarge the production and selling volume at the same time? Interested >

About Us

Optasoft Ltd is a consultancy company doing operation research. It is the regional partner of AIMMS, an expert and developer of unique system optimization softwares.

Nowadays AIMMS is the only mathematical modelling system which is able to combine the advantages of database systems, spreadsheets and mathematical optimization softwares. It is compatible with every managing system. With its help it is possible to develop a unique device which ensures / guarantees competitive advantage and manager pre-decision.

Our aim We would like to introduce new methods in Hungary, which are already well-known in Western countries, which improve efficiency significantly. Our company was founded by engineers. We possess high-level technological knowledge we offer for production companies. Our colleagues’ accurate and careful work, their university and international background guarantee our partners high standards, and consequently better market shares and profits.


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